Tips for Finding a Good Low Cost Website Hosting Service

Nowadays, many of us are looking for more ways to get extra cash. With the effects of global recession still being felt, depending on one source of income is insufficient. That's why so many people are trying their luck in online marketing. The truth of the matter is that website hosting services can sometimes be expensive. However, you don't have to worry because low cost website hosting services are just around the corner, ready to serve both small and medium-sized enterprises.


For low cost website hosting, you get to pay at least monthly. However, you may think: there's probably something wrong with this type of hosting service. While it's true that some low cost services have a weakness, you can still find some cheap website hosts that could offer you the best value for your money.  Here are some useful tips to help you find better and cheaper website hosting.




One of the first things to consider while looking for a good, low cost web host is reliability. Although you'd pay less, it doesn't mean that you compromise the quality of service you get. After all, it's your priority to get your company or business name on the internet. Therefore, you need to find a web hosting company that offers a high percentage of uptime to guarantee 99 percent visibility.


Customer support


Another thing you have to consider is the company's customer service. No client wants a bad customer service experience. Make sure that your web hosting service offers customer support 24/7 though telephone, email or chat. This gives you an opportunity to talk to the customer service staff and share your concerns regarding their services and features. If you find a company that doesn't have live customer service, it is better you leave it and find another one.




You also need to consider the price and determine whether it's right or not for the features you're going to get in return. Think about the disk space and bandwidth you will get for the amount you'll pay, which is almost certainly lower. Make sure that your web host provides at least 5G disk space; otherwise, it's not worth your money. Some providers can provide unlimited space, but you might have to pay more.


Hidden charges


Clearly understand all the overheads involved before finalizing with any service provider. Chances are that the service offering cheap hosting may levy certain hidden charges, for example, charges for using additional services and features like domain name transferring, overuse charges, or adding extra FTP account later.


Consider the company's reputation


There are plenty of blogs and forums that will speak about the reputation of the web hosting companies you're considering. The best website hosting providers will have a fine reputation and many people will highly recommend them. This is often a positive sign and you have to make sure you choose a provider with a good reputation in the field.


Choose your type of hosting


All projects are different and you need to make sure you work out what type of website hosting you need. You might need ASP hosting, PHP hosting, Windows hosting, blog hosting, and even simple web hosting. Whatever type you need, it's important that you understand what kind of web hosting you should choose for your project.


The 3 most common types of website hosting include dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting, and VPS hosting. When you're looking for the best low cost website hosting you're most likely to get shared website hosting, but you might also get a little VPS hosting service. Dedicated web hosting is very costly and won't fit into low cost hosting options. However, if you're being offered a dedicated hosting service at a low cost, make sure that there aren't hidden charges which often may be the case.


All of these tips are important when you're searching for a low cost website hosting company. Your online business will never succeed without a site and the web host you choose can significantly influence your business's success. Therefore, be very careful when choosing your web hosting service.

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