GoDaddy: Industry Giant

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GoDaddy is the giant within the industry; they are much larger than other domain registrars. They service in excess of 45 million domain names and this number keeps going up. They are definitely aware of what they are doing and their competent and reliable service can be counted on. This company has a number of remarkable domain searching features. In the event that a domain that you would like to buy is no longer available, it can be placed on back order.

In addition, they provide a huge domain auction in which the spiciest, shortest domain names are up for the taking. As a result of their exponential growth, it should be expected that GoDaddy will be less personal and a bit more commercially minded.

Every imaginable feature is available with this web hosting service. Blogging, database and email are just the beginning of what they have to offer. Their feature set is quite extensive and that has largely contributed to the prominent position in which they sit. However, access to all of the features should not be expected with the basic package.

A number of the features will attract additional monthly fees; a prime example of this is the shopping cart software. It is convenient, attractive and powerful but more money will have to be paid. Additionally, there is a cap on the amount of items that can be stored in the inventory. In essence, more money will be needed for expansion.  

A cap is also placed on the database and email features. To have access to everything unlimited, the cost will be a bit steep. However, if there is no need for unlimited email and database access, the à la carte menu could be a tremendous fit. If only the features that will actually be used are purchased, this web hosting service could be quite economical.

With the entry-level Economy Plan, not much is offered in terms of storage. The majority of small business websites will be able to function well with the 10GB allotment. However, an upgrade will be required for more ambitious pursuits. As it relates to features, there is much more offered by the Deluxe Plan, but limits are still there when it comes to its 150GB storage space.
The Unlimited Plan is still a bit confusing; you get the amount of bandwidth and storage you desire but the databases are still restricted to 1GB each. Additionally, only 1000 email addresses are accessible.  Essentially, GoDaddy is ideal for small and mid-sized ventures; however, it could get a bit tight if your web property requires expansion. Read more on what you need to know about GoDaddy.

This web hosting service assists beginners in easily setting up their site and advanced developers can utilize the site creation tools. All of their solutions support a number of programming languages. These include MySQL, CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, FrontPage extensions and ColdFusion.

Their low cost web hosting plans leaves out most marketing tools. They are offered in another section of the website and a bit of investigation was necessary for the discovery to happen. Users who would like to market their website via email will be required to expand the efforts on their own as soon as the yearly limit of 5000 emails has been reached. Search engine submission and SEO tools are provided at an additional charge. Every plan includes raw access and site statistics information.

GoDaddy is extremely easy to use. The database manager, domain manager and file manager are all incredible. It is very rare for online file managers to be so flexible. This hosting service is lacking in certain areas; however, it is visually appealing and outfitted with more than the customary assortment of features.

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